Thirty Things That Can Fuck Right Off

Inspired by a wonderfully funny (and sad) list in Dawn French's "Me - You - A Diary", I've compiled my own list of things that can fuck right off...

1) Period pain

2) The pink tax

3) Immigration restrictions and the term, "economic migrant"

4) That Rhys-Mogg person and all his greediness

5) The relentless scrutiny of Kylie Minogue at 50

6) Animal cruelty

7) Weddings and all the judgment and expectations of other people that come with it as an unspoken rule

8) The menopause

9) Built-in obsolescence

10) Mansplaining

11) Manspreading

12) Telling women they have "shrill" voices

13) Ageing

14) The deliberate underfunding and dismantling of the NHS

15) Repeatedly moving house with heavy cases and bags and no personal driver

16) London rent prices

17) New York rent prices

18) Judgment of women who have children and work, women who have children and don't work, women who don't have children ... etc

19) People who say, "I don't mean to be rude, but..."

20) Ignorance of ignorance

21) British customer service (which runs along the lines of 'If you're British and you're a customer, don't expect any kind of service')

22) Toddlers running around and under my arm in supermarkets so that I nearly accidentally decapitate them with my basket

23) Men saying, "cheer up darlin' it might never 'appen!"

24) People who ask women with children and a successful career: "How do you balance your career with having children?" who have NEVER asked a man the same thing

25) The ever elusive "property ladder"

26) Boyfriends who think they've been really helpful when you ask them to do the washing up, who have failed to additionally: wipe surfaces clean, put away the mustard/mayonnaise/cream/yoghurt that has to go back in the fridge, swill out the sink/washing-up bowl, and put the cork back in the wine bottle. (Oh, wait, scratch that last one. Fuck it - I'll finish the wine.)

27) Men who call women: 'love', 'darlin', 'sweetheart' or even (yes, this happened at work once) 'treacle', because they're too lazy to learn and use my name

28) Citizenship tests that citizens of that country would never pass in a million years

29) That one-inch gap between the door and the 'wall' in US bathroom stalls (what's up with that?!)

30) Tassels for earrings ... (why is this a thing?)

Ok. There's my rant. Your turn...