I also record voiceovers for clients. Find out more  here . Or listen to my voice reel  here .  Here’s a scene from the Nancy Bishop Film Acting Workshop:
 A film based on the book, “Steppenwolf” by Herman Hesse.  I played the female lead, Hermine, who teaches Harry to dance and leads him into a new world beyond his literary safe haven.
 Fate – Dir. Sel Omer Vedat
 A film about a girl obsessed with Madonna, who takes to the talent show arena to prove her sense of self-worth and identity.
      OTHER FILMS:   Singing to a Ghost – Dir. Noriko Aida  A drama-documentary about a woman’s life and history growing up in Japan and moving to London and the history of her father’s experiences of war that haunt her. I play a friend who’s in an abusive relationship and needs to find a way out and find a friend.
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