Rowen Bridler grew up in a small town in England, moved to London at 18 and has loved living in big cities ever since, including Paris and New York. Never satisfied with a conventional approach, she took acting training during her music degree and got several quirky roles in independent films, including playing a girl obsessed with Madonna, and another leading a fragile man astray in a film based on Herman Hesse’s “Steppenwolf”.

She moved to Prague in 2010 and acted in German in a Danish TV drama, playing Johanna von Bismarck opposite Rainer Bock (‘Inglourious Basterds’, ‘A Most Wanted Man’). Having shot the music video for her song, ’Lifeboat’ in Prague before moving back to the UK, Rowen released it as a single and it was played on BBC 6 Music by Tom Robinson in 2014.

Once back in London, Rowen also performed her song about the MPs expenses scandal at Vivienne Westwood’s shop in Chelsea to coincide with her ‘Politicians R Criminals’ campaign. The manageress passed on the lyric sheet to Vivienne Westwood herself, who wrote a hand-written letter in response, urging further investigation and exposure of criminal practices afoot in the UK.

Living in London provoked a new direction after the thin walls of her room in a boarded up pub in Battersea pushed Rowen to find an alternative way be creative that wouldn’t involve sound. Using years of reading Jacques Prévert and Pablo Neruda poems as inspiration, Rowen developed her lyric writing style into poetry, both in English and fittingly, also in French and Spanish. Her personal experiences of the highs and lows of online dating prompted her to reflect on what men and women really want and how they somehow keep failing to give it to each other.

A few months on and off in Paris helped marinate these poems further and resulted in her first published book, “Love Poems for people who don’t like being in love”. Available here and on Amazon. Donating $1 per print copy sold to Planned Parenthood, ‘Love Poems...’ was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2017 in New York, giving single women ticked off with the dating scene an evening’s respite with Prosecco, chocolates and sarcasm. Acting out a scene of the worst date she’d ever been on, reading poems from the book and performing her new song, “Hudson Landing”, Rowen filled the evening with a little taste of all of her work combined: poetry, (in English, French and Spanish) song, a little theatre and some much-needed humour.

In January 2018 as part of a campaign to raise awareness for the charity MIND in the UK, Rowen released a daily YouTube video as part of a ‘Beat the January Blues’ series, combining all of her literary, dramatic and musical creativity to combat the frustration of maintaining good mental health in the midst of a gloomy and indeed, snowy UK winter. As a strong advocate for mental health, she will be donating $1 per print copy sold of her latest book, due out in November 2018, to MIND. This time the poems touch on the feelings of personal isolation in a sea of social media-generated semi-connections and the political dismantling of a society that used to at least pretend to welcome the tired, the poor and the pioneering.

Rowen has also returned to music and recorded two songs to release as singles in 2019, one of which explores a feminist space travel theme, the other a more earthly kind of aviation.

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